The Demon Always Wins

About the Book

Demon’s Wager is the first book in Jeanne’s Touched by a Demon series. A retelling of the biblical story of Job as a paranormal romance, it’s been described as “inspirational black comedy.” When God and Satan decide to revisit their ancient wager over free will, Satan chooses as Belial–an arrogant, ambitious demon who has his eye on the second-in-command spot in Hell–as his champion. God names Dara Strong, a young widow who runs a free clinic on the Florida-Georgia border, to represent him. Belial has been corrupting humans for millennia, but Dara–smart, strong-willed and raised by demon-fighting grandparents–is more than a match for him. If Belial is successful, he’ll become the most powerful demon in Hades, but if he fails there’ll be hell to pay.