My Little Town Tuesday: Marching into May

Posted Mar 26 2012, 11:56 pm

Weird weather here over the past couple of weeks. It started the weekend of the time change, verifying my long-held belief that we shouldn’t dick around with the clock. This year, Mother Nature got so confused she skipped ahead two months instead of an hour.

The outcome of this sproing forward is that everything that blooms in southern Ohio in April–redbud trees and Bradford pears and magnolias–plus everything that blooms in May–viburnum and lilacs and dogwood–blossomed last week in a burst of fragrances that are practically trampling each other to be noticed. You walk out your door and you’re assaulted by competing aromas so strong they smell like more rotting fruit than blossoms.

And the worst part is, April and May, which I always view as a gently blooming prelude to the heat and humidity of summer, have nothing to offer me.

Someone at work said, “global warming,” but that’s just bad science. A one-time, one-region warm weather event is no more a sign of climate change than a sudden deep-freeze is a sign that climate change isn’t happening.

Anyway, we all know what’s really causing it.

The time change.

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