Old Joke #37

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A man gets sent to prison, and he’s put into a cell with a bunch of lifers
who’ve all been there for quite some time. As they’re sitting around in the
evening, one of the guys says “Eight,” and the others all burst out laughing.
Then another guy says “Fourteen,” and again they’re all laughing.

The newcomer is really confused, and he asks what’s so funny about these

“It’s a shorthand we’ve come up with,” one of the others explains. “We like to
tell jokes to pass the time, but we’ve been doing this for so long, we’ve just
given each joke a number so we don’t have to tell the whole thing.”

The newcomer thinks he understands.

“Sixty-two,” he says.

And indeed, the others all start to laugh – much harder than they’ve laughed all

“Is that a really good one?” he asks.

“Well,” says one of the others, through snorts of laughter, “I’ve never heard
that one before!”

(If you liked this, thank Rachel. If you didn’t, the address is still the same….)

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