The Demon Always Wins

What They're Saying...

Wow is this book fun!!!  –Mrs. Ray Reads

My eyes are burning from the hours of not being able to put this book down- what a terrific series this will be! Fantastic conflict that never lets up, unique twists, loved the characters and thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in this bet for a mortal soul! Highly recommend this and looking forward to her next one.  Sarah Andre, author of Tall, Dark and Damaged

The tension between Dara and Belial is immediate and captivating.  Kerysten Robinson, Smut and Bonbons

I loved this book! It’s very cleverly written, and the plot/setup is certainly not standard. I loved the wry take on the Underworld, and the interplay between and mortal and immortal. It’s also a terrific page turner – I gobbled it up in 2 sittings.  Julie Lawson Timmer, author of Five Days Left

The characters are the star of this book, the plot of which could almost be lifted from a twelfth century passion play.  Dan Melson